Wednesday, April 02, 2008

i'm feeeling like a fool

yesterday rogray and i decided to play april fool's jokes on each other at 11:30 pm.

he went to park the car and called me to tell me he was in an accident.

i bought it and he had the joy of shouting "APRIL FOOL'S!" into my ear.

when he came home i had to think fast so i told him i was late getting my period.

he bought it and i had the joy of shouting "APRIL FOOL'S!" to his face.

we then realized that we chose to play the meanest april fool's jokes on one another.

but who was meaner?

rogray for making me think that our car and possibly he had been damaged or me for making him think that our lives were about to change forever?

i think i may have just answered my own question.