Wednesday, October 29, 2008

You Can Vote However You Like

first watch this (i dare you not to cry):

then watch this to smile:

and then go vote.

Friday, October 17, 2008

smoke gets in my eyes

i'm having a mild "i watch too much t.v." heart attack right now. today it was announced that mad men may not be picked up for a third season depite the fact that it just won some major emmys inculding best dramz and it's the first basic cable show to do that. and despite the fact the show is awesome and a critical darling and stuff.

but then it was announced that it IS being renewed but maybe without the show's creator and writer matthew weiner. the show won't be the one i know and love if weiner isn't the head writer -- it'll start to suck. a lot. big suckage.

fingers crossed people. because true blood ain't gonna cut it people.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

dirty south

this past weekend rogray and i went down to the ATL to do a bunch of wedding stuff. we were really busy so i didn't get to take the kind of photos i generally like to. for instance -- we had 3 cupcake tastings. not a single picture of rogray stuffing his face was taken. all i have is this:

October ATL 004

which was taken in a vintage furniture store where i thought it was appropriate to do this:

October ATL 001

so you can see that i wasn't super focused. but here are a few choice moments caught on film.

1: after i lost miserably at progressive rummy momgo disowned me and then got berated for it:

October ATL 014

October ATL 023

see the shame? rogray beat us which is a first especially since the first time he played he was so slow and bad i thought my grandmother was going to hit him over the head with a skillet.

2: t-dawg brought my godsons over and they continued their love affair with rogray:

October ATL 030

but i got some godson love:

October ATL 063

3: oh i'm sorry. . .did you want to see his face? why let me show you!

October ATL 050

October ATL 059

October ATL 061

October ATL 062

he looks quite presidential in that last one no?

4: before the ATL engagement shower (no pictures! can you believe how i slacked off on my duties??) we went to the park with my nephews and my godsons -- the cuteness level was so high i thought i might explode:

October ATL 070

5: we met up with our friends the politicians for some flying biscuit breakfast which isn't as good as it once was and then went to piedmont park afterwards where rogray tried to start a new trend:

October ATL 076

October ATL 084

October ATL 081

the trend did not catch on.

6: we had an engagement photo shoot with our amazing photographers who are so awesome i might have to wrap them up and take them home with me -- there aren't any pictures yet but hopefully they got some of the wild turkey that almost attacked us.

7: we ended by going to dadgo's 8:30 a.m. contract law class to watch him teach -- i tried to get some photos on the sly -- favorite part? when he made a point by pretending to give the finger and said "SUCKAAAAAAHHHZ!"

October ATL 087

October ATL 089

October ATL 092

and that kind of sums it up people...witty repartee to return at a later date.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

don't stand so close to me

if this doesn't bring a smile to your face i don't know what will.


Tuesday, October 07, 2008

the heat is on

my initial response to tonight's debate as sent to my momgo:

mccain looked like a troll (or as rob said "a monster that lives under a bridge), obama was hot. as was michelle. cindy looked awkward and confused as usual.

obama "won" but it was kind of useless as they both just reiterated what they've been saying for awhile now. so i really thought it was kind of boring. . .except when mccain referred to obama as "that one" (holy offensice -- he has a name you dick!) -- and i wish i was playing a drinking game where i had to drink every time j.m. said "my friends" but i would probably be puking by now if i had done that.

Friday, October 03, 2008

the revolution is just a t-shirt away

thanks to jk this is what rogray is wearing today. . .to his economics class:

Thursday, October 02, 2008

hello? can anybody hear me?

blogosphere? hello? are you still there?

i haven't been around for quite some time. . .what can i say? i've been busy doing things like turning 30 and making a play and working and planning a wedding and dicovering acupuncture.

don't hate me blogosphere. i thought about you this whole time even though i never called or wrote.

i'm not going to come back with some epic tale of my summer -- too much pressure!

but i'll come back with this:

rogray and i have a friend who recently moved from one city to another to be with a man that she had only known for a few months. when she arrived he unveiled his rampant alcoholism and prespcription drug addiction. . .awesome!! so she quite him and is now settling in that city to be on her own for a bit.

rogray responded to this news thusly:

"do you remember that a similar thing happened to my scene partner in my acting class in 2005. he moved in with his girlfriend after a month because they were so in love and felt like they had known each other forever even though they met a month ago, and she proceeded to perpetually steal money from him and use it to buy drugs.

i'm glad you're not a drug addict."

ditto rogray. . .ditto.