Tuesday, October 07, 2008

the heat is on

my initial response to tonight's debate as sent to my momgo:

mccain looked like a troll (or as rob said "a monster that lives under a bridge), obama was hot. as was michelle. cindy looked awkward and confused as usual.

obama "won" but it was kind of useless as they both just reiterated what they've been saying for awhile now. so i really thought it was kind of boring. . .except when mccain referred to obama as "that one" (holy offensice -- he has a name you dick!) -- and i wish i was playing a drinking game where i had to drink every time j.m. said "my friends" but i would probably be puking by now if i had done that.

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dadgo said...

I used my time last night more wisely---I went to the opera and saw Madama Butterfly!