Monday, November 10, 2008

hey good lookin'

i made something new and i loved it! it's been so long since i had the time to actually cook something real and new and i decided to go all in and do up some salt baked cod. . .which is insanely easy -- you should all do it.

step 1: get a whole fish. have the dude gut, clean & scale it.

step 2: stuff said fish with whatever -- i went with parsley, rosemary, lemon & olives.


step 3: put that sucker on some parchment paper on a baking sheet.

ready to go

step 4: mix up some salt & egg whites and make a salt paste (1 cup of salt to 1 egg white) and then cover your fishy with the mixture.


step 5: bake it until the salt is crusty, hard and brown (like 20 minutes, maybe 30 depending on the size of fish).


step 6: break off and peel away those salt pieces.

salty pieces

step 7: transfer baked fish to dish and eat that succulent sucker.

voila! baked!

so easy, so simple. and it looks impressive. go forth and salt bake people!

and thank you to serious eats for their great dinner tonight series for giving me the recipe.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

pictures of you

well, really pictures of me and rogray because do you really get enough of those on this here blog?

go here and look at out engagement photos with our amazing wedding photographers Our Labor of Love.

jesse & whitney were so much fun and they somehow kept us from making our usual goofy camera faces -- which means they have some magic in them and their cameras.

i think these pictures might have gotten us even more excited for the big day because once we're all hitched and stuff we will get to see jesse & whitney's beautiful work again.

They're Coming to America

Something very, very important happened last night and I was fortunate enough to be a part of it. My candidate, Barack Obama, won the presidency of the United States of America.

the beginning of a long night

The past 8 years have been dark ones for me. I don’t think I realized how adjusted I had become to living in a fog of fear and despair about the political climate of our country until last night when every network & paper had called it for Obama and I couldn’t believe it because I was waiting for someone to say “Oops. We made a mistake. It’s actually McCain by 2 electoral votes.”

rosie the riveter redux

It took McCain’s concession speech for me to accept that it was happening. It was real. We did it.

yes we can!

And the crowds at McCain’s rally and Obama’s hometown said it all about how this race was fought and run. McCain’s mention of President-Elect Barack Obama was met with boos, people shouting “Nobama” and the like. Obama’s mention of his opponent was met with applause. McCain divided and failed. Obama united and triumphed. I think that gives me more hope than anything else.

Small Rally

Our new president’s acceptance speech was spectacular. It was humble, funny, intelligent and honest. (And there will be a new puppy in the White House!) Someone said that his speech would tell us how he would lead. Why suddenly this speech after all of the others he’s given I am not sure but if this speech is to be the standard then we are in for a hard, challenging, lofty and wonderful four years. We will have a president that uses words for meaning, impact and power. We will have a president who loves his family and uses that love to guide him through his life. We will have a president that believes in us more than we believe in ourselves.

hometown pride

even the conservatives accept it

the biased liberal media


I am proud this morning. Proud that we have our first black president. Proud that we had the kind of voter turn-out we should have for every election. Proud that people feel hopeful about what we can do in this country and in this world.

First Family

The panes of bullet-proof glass that flanked our new president last night and the passing of Proposition 8 in California show us how far we have to go in this country and I don’t think Barack would have it any other way. Because it is those obstacles that inspire us to stay involved and strive for something better.


This is the giant leap forward to something better.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

you can vote however you like: redux

rogray and i had a very eventful morning today. we left our apartment:

off to cast our ballots!

we got in the longest line i've ever seen at our polling location and waited for our turn to vote in our district:

our district

i went in and saw this:

click this

and then i did this:

X marks the spot

and then i kicked it party line style:

party lines

we left:

happy as can be that we voted today!


good luck out there people. . .happy voting!

Saturday, November 01, 2008


kugs carved a pumpkin. . .get your vote on.