Monday, November 10, 2008

hey good lookin'

i made something new and i loved it! it's been so long since i had the time to actually cook something real and new and i decided to go all in and do up some salt baked cod. . .which is insanely easy -- you should all do it.

step 1: get a whole fish. have the dude gut, clean & scale it.

step 2: stuff said fish with whatever -- i went with parsley, rosemary, lemon & olives.


step 3: put that sucker on some parchment paper on a baking sheet.

ready to go

step 4: mix up some salt & egg whites and make a salt paste (1 cup of salt to 1 egg white) and then cover your fishy with the mixture.


step 5: bake it until the salt is crusty, hard and brown (like 20 minutes, maybe 30 depending on the size of fish).


step 6: break off and peel away those salt pieces.

salty pieces

step 7: transfer baked fish to dish and eat that succulent sucker.

voila! baked!

so easy, so simple. and it looks impressive. go forth and salt bake people!

and thank you to serious eats for their great dinner tonight series for giving me the recipe.


miss n said...

i miss you. this is renu's fave meal. he just left. i'm getting over being sick and mom and joe are here for t-give. love u!

sweatpantsmom said...

What??!! The dude will clean, gut and scale the fish if I ask him?

This I never knew.

This recipe looks good, and easy. Now that I know someone else will take care of the dirty work, I'll have to try it.