Monday, January 05, 2009

we partied like it was 2009


i am sorry.

i apologize.

no internet should be subjected to looking at the same fish day in day out.

i have excuses. really good ones.

like, i'm getting married! that keeps a lady busy.

and, it was the holiday season! that makes a lady busy and drunk.

and also, rogray was finishing grad school! and getting straight a's. that makes a lady really busy because who do you think was doing all that cheerleading? ME!

ok, new year. new me. well, i'm not new. i'm the same. but i do plan on making some resolutions.

i think 2008 taught me some things. i think i have always possessed a healthy sense of cynicism and i credit that outlook to be protective but i have been shocked at how that cynicism has turned into a deep distrust and pessimism towards the world. i have some serious road rage that could use some work.

i am quick to anger and slow to forgive. and that includes how i treat myself. my inherent drift towards negativity is a powerful force that will probably be the most challenging thing to overcome. but i believe i must. i think all of my cynicism and pessimism stems from this and the internal struggle between my desire to believe in myself and that little voice that tells me i'm just no good.

so internets, my resolution? to love myself and the world more.

oh, and to be a better blogger.

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