Wednesday, January 07, 2009

mr. turkey

p & g turned four in december.

i'm not quite sure how that happened. when i first started dating rogray they were in utero. then they were out of utero. and now they can talk and they have opinions. i think it weirds me out more than my godsons and my nephews because p & g's age reflects the length of time rogray and i have been together.

this is them at thanksgiving. i think we made them do this 8 times.


Anonymous said...

What were they saying? I couldn't understand a word! THey are very cute nevertheless.

rogray said...

i found the lyrics on the internet - at least, these are supposed to be the lyrics:

Mr. Turkey's tail is big and wide (spread fingers wide),
He swings it when he walks (move fingers around),
His neck is long (stand on tip toes and stretch neck and head up),
His chin is red (stroke chin),
And he gobbles when he talks(open and close hands while gobbling)