Thursday, August 09, 2007

Let the rain fall down. . .

i don't if you heard but apparently the world ended yesterday here in new york.

here is the only picture i took of the aftermath yesterday:

Group 1 379

look closely, that tree got knocked over so hard the pavement came with it. koogs got pictures of more of the insane damage including a picture of a tree that was upside down in someone's front yard separated cleanly from it's base. . .the whole scene is bananas.

as much damage as there was i am amazed there wasn't more. if multiple trees were being ripped out of the pavement then it seems like some kind of miracle that more roofs weren't ripped off or that the apartment building surrounded by the damage (read: ours) weren't damaged. . .and another thing - i'm a complete scaredy cat. this is the one time that a massive, loud storm that kept me awake didn't scare the bejeezus out of me -- but had it scared me i might have looked out our bedroom window and seen a twister making it's way through the streets of brooklyn.

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