Sunday, September 16, 2007

bah, bah, bah-baaaaaaaah, ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba

a few weeks ago ms. mo told me to save the 22nd for mr. mo's birthday dinner. he was deciding between his favorite chinese restaurant and Mars 2112.

if you don't want to go to the website i understand -- let me be your guide.

i realized his b-day dinner was the same day as yom kippur so i couldn't really attend and when we discovered that he had decided on chinese for the celebration rogray and i volunteered to go with mr. & ms. mo for the Mars 2112 a birthday present of sorts. see how generous we are?

Mars 2112 is in times square. the location alone should really tell you everything.



oh, did i mention this is a mars themed restaurant? do i also need to tell you that brad brought maddox here a few months ago? that's right -- we hang with the celebs.

to get to the restaurant where the food is supposedly


you have to take a "ride" to the restaurant. here are the doors closing in on us:


we have lift-off people:


and asteroids:


this "ride" wasn't just a glorified elevator with a screen, oh no. it was a glorified sensory deprivation tank where you sit with a bunch of kids who look like they might crap themselves and watch crappy graphics while the floor shakes and tilts violently. it was enough to make us all light-headed and sick in the tummy - just what you need when you are about to eat.

when you're done being shaken like a martini you are thrust into this:


at least that's what it looked like to us. once our eyes adjusted you realize that you have actually been thrust into this:


oh my god!! it's mars!!

weird that the pathfinder only sent back pictures like this:

we sit down amidst the large groups of families and tourists and order our burgers despite the menu trying to convince us that a healthy option was vegetable linguini alfredo and our quickly greeted with not one, not two, but at least 8 different birthday celebrations. it was constant -- i've never heard the damn birthday song so many times -- especially with the word earthling in it.

and as an added bonus you are treated to martian "views" and "news updates" as well as musings from this guy:


inspired we decided to take some mars glamour shots:

ms. "the air is so thin!" mo:


mr. "i'm the birthday boy" mo:


"i'm stranded on mars!" shaygo:


and "you're seriously making me do this?" rogray:


as we left, full of martian burgers, i think we all agreed that we were happy to have made this intergalactic journey to the basement of a skyscraper on 51st & broadway but that perhaps it was best that mr. mo had decided to go for chinese on his birthday.

also, this is why i haven't been blogging so much lately -- i've been busy.


jk said...

i've been trying to figure out what theme the title is.

shaygo said...

i'm glad you got that it was a theme. rogray got it -- not to make you feel like a lesser man. you are also not as big a dork as he is.

think about a little series of movies that have swept the nation starting in 1977.

shaygo said...

um, i'm an idiot. . .i meant 2001:A Space Odyssey which came out in 1968.