Friday, June 06, 2008

love, love, love

rogray has been just amazing lately -- i mean he's always amazing but lately he's been like fly me over the moon amazing. what? you think i'm lying? you want some proof? fine.

example 1 -- we have a chalkboard next to the door so we can write reminders to ourselves and write down where we last parked the car. sometimes we get creative. let's see how creative rogray got:

love note

i'm holding an "US Weekly" and he's holding an "U.S. History" -- and harper is there!!! gahr! so cute. . .


example 2 -- i came home last week after a particularly rough day and i was very tired and feeeling pushed to every edge and when i opened the door i found rogray in the kitchen finishing dinner, the table set with candles, and this waiting for me:

sweet things

flowers & wine!! on a tuesday!

boys -- if you want a lesson in how to do it right to your lady then this is lesson numero uno. . .also, this is how you end up getting engaged and doing something like this probably has something to do with making babies but i'm not sure how yet.

and if you want to steal our car that's where it's parked. . .

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