Friday, June 01, 2007

down by the schoolyard

i've been tagged by parabasis!! i've never been tagged before and rogray hipped me to the tagging before i had a chance to see it on the critic's blog (he's not really a critic, he's a director but he is good at the critique). anyway, when rogray told me i had been tagged i was all, "someone hacked into my blog and put graffitti all over it?" and he was all "you're an idiot."

i went to look at parabasis and realized that it was tagged as in "you're it, suckah."

here are the rules of this particular game: you (meaning me) have to post 8 random facts about yourself. then, in the post, you, the tagged, magically tag eight other bloggers and notifies them that they have been tagged.

now the word tagged looks and sounds weird.

ok, here goes:

1. i swear. a lot. like a truck driver.

2. i have very flexible hip joints.

3. i am looking forward to getting glasses because i think that i will look older and people will take me seriously -- also, i like all the gestures you can do with a pair of glasses -- they add drama.

4. i have no problem starting a book and not finishing it if i think it's boring or i don't like it.

5. i have a very difficult time admitting i don't know something.

for the longest time i was convinced that the lyric in the steve miller song "the joker" was "really love your beaches/wanna shake your trees" -- it is actually "really love your peaches/wanna shake your tree" -- i justified this by saying that beaches made sense if they were coconut trees that he was talking about.

7. i grew up in atlanta, ga and used to say y'all all the time -- i've been in New York for the past 10 years (minus that l.a. year) and now if i say y'all it is a surprise and sounds weird coming out of my mouth -- and that makes me a bit sad.

i have a pet stuffed dolphin named hyman shfinklehymer that rogray won for me at a street fair when our relationship was in long distance mode. he's the only jewish-british dolphin in the world.

ok, there they are, 8 random things -- am i not one of the more fascinating specimens on this planet?

who shall i tag? ok, i just realized that i don't know 8 bloggers which makes me some kind of internet loser. . .great -- just like middle school. i'm gonna tag 6 blog people who i don't think will kill me and who probably know 8 blog people themselves.

boys, you're up:

jk, the dude, mr. smith, mr. dan, puntabulous

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