Wednesday, June 13, 2007


rogray and i got in the car on saturday and headed north, out of the city and into the wilderness, for some fresh air, hiking and general non-pavement/building oriented activity.

after a quick stop at trader joe's for some snacks we hit the road:

extreme close-up:
in the car

this is a woman ready for wilderness:
ready to go

first we ate our picnic lunch and here is rogray enjoying some of it!
lunch time

fascinating, yes? oh, it isn't fascinating? well, where did you eat lunch on saturday? at home? oh, you had brunch at a cafe? yeah -- we ate lunch out too. . .by a lake suckers!

our picnic spot

after we polished off our chicken salad we hit the trails for some hiking:

the trail

in bloom

the way

we were on the orange trail. . .which led us to this view:

the break

soon after we realized that we had been walking downhill the entire time and that we had no idea how far away we were from the end of the trail so we decided to turn back around for fear that we would have to hike back uphill for two hours -- we wanted to keep the day nice and not have it devolve into me sitting on the side of the trail crying because "why, god, why did you have to make the earth so hilly??"

we went back to the lake and relaxed on a rock looking at this:

a giant swimming hole

don't you feel calmer just looking at that picture!

when we were able to shake off some of our relaxed fog we decided to go look for some pick your own orchards -- we didn't find any.

but we did find this:

ghost train

it's a train -- that is decaying in the grass by the side of the road where, apparently, train tracks once were. there was no sign as to what or why this was but there you have it. weird. and creepy.

the end of the line

after all that driving we were hungry so we found a lovely restaurant and ate lovely italian food -- the single best antipasti platter i've ever had and i didn't take a single photo of it. but i did get a shot of rogray looking at me lovingly:

puppy love

and this is the little lady he loves so much:

stalker love

don't i look like a crazy stalker in that photo? he is one very lucky man.

when were done with dinner we drove back home and slept for 11 hours -- day trips make you sleepy.


dadgo said...

Did you get on the train? It could have taken you someplace special! Teenagers sleep 11 hours...

miz n said...

i can't b-leev you haven't posted pix of koogs' bachelorette party yet!

Formerly, The Dude Spoke said...

Dude, RoGray has had that Detroit Lions shirt for like 13 years. And I know because I think it used to be mine.