Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I'm sorry, so sorry

the past few weeks have been mind-blowingly busy:

*finished filming for the documentary
*koogs' bachelorette party
*coney island mermaid parade
*sinus infection
*rogray's birthday (he's 29!!!)
*koogs' wedding

and now this week:

*the 4th
*getting ready to go to hazlet's wedding in london
*getting rogray ready to go to the sundance theater lab
*celebrating my birthday (i'm 29!!!) a few weeks early since rogray is going to miss it-- it's a surprise and all i know is it involves going away somewhere on saturday -- i love my birthday!

all of that is to give you an excuse as to why i haven't been updating this thing.

when i get back from london town this site is going to be on fire people. on fire.

i will leave you with this quick story from koogs' wedding:

during the cocktail hour after the amazing ceremony (tears galore) i went to the bar and ordered a vodka tonic. and guess what happened? I GOT CARDED. at a hotel bar. at one of my best friend's wedding!!!!!!! WHAT??? koogs' 25 year old brother had to convince them that i was, in fact, not just of age but a year away from 30. humiliating.


dadgo said...

In a few years you will be happy to get carded. trust me--I know.

Anonymous said...

yeah. i was totally flattered the other night at dindin when our 19 yr old theater person waiter carded me. but when you just want your vodka tonic, and 'where am i gonna keep my id in this dress?' doesn't work, it's harsh. have fun in london, sorry about my insane phone message. it has truly been a unrestful, stressful week. love ya, le bff