Friday, March 07, 2008

Little Deuce Coupe: An Ode

today is a bittersweet day for rogray and me. today is the day that we sold our car.


that was our 1991 mazda mx-6 GT (that stands for turbo yo) we bought in cali. it is the car that took us through our year there and it is the car that brought us across the country back home:

1st bathroom break!.JPG



those last two pictures are what happens when you've been stuck in a car for 6 days straight and you're driving through texas.

this car has taken us camping:

Group 1 077

and on day trips. to family and to friends. we didn't have a name for our car but we certainly loved it. so why did we sell it?

well, dadgo and momgo were kind enough to get us a newer used car to take us camping and to family and friends. and on sunday we go and get our new car that has been patiently waiting for us in a garage on long island. our old car is going to our good friend the photog and her husband so they can enjoy day trips and last minute get aways. so it is in swell hands and it will stay in the family.

it's been a great car -- one that got rogray and me through a very particular, interesting and crazy time in our life and we will miss it. so 1991 mazda mx-6 GT with the oscillating a/c vents we salute you and we love you.

thank you little car. thank you.


Mr T. said...

Yes sir, Mazda's a handsome vehicle. Very handsome!

dadgo said...

Handsome, fast and dependable--and all the "bells and whistles" that were available. It served you well and deserved this tribute!