Tuesday, March 18, 2008

You knock me off of my feet. . .

here's to momgo & dadgo who've been knocking each other off their feet for 31 years!!!! happy anniversary you two.

i was fortunate enough to celebrate their anniversary with them this past weekend when they came for a visit. . .just look at them:

ma & pa March 2008 084

ah, love.

my reaction to their display was this:

ma & pa March 2008 085

yeah, because that's gross what they're doing. ew ew ew ew ew. . .

other than that disgusting pda their trip was great. we ate food. we went to see a play. we had shabbat dinner with some friends where my mom made brisket:

ma & pa March 2008 001

and rogray blessed the bread:

ma & pa March 2008 007

we celebrated a birthday with my long island family:

ma & pa March 2008 014

ma & pa March 2008 013

ma & pa March 2008 008

(now that's an expression of love i can get behind. . .what's all this making out?)

where rogray continued to usurp my position by becoming bff with dadgo:

ma & pa March 2008 012

and where rogray ate pork all classy like:

ma & pa March 2008 019

i'll post pics of our sunday "jew day" tomorrow. . .because i need to recuperate from that first picture.

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