Wednesday, May 20, 2009

all shook up

i interrupt rogray's posting streak with one of my own.

last weekend rogray & i drove down to baltimore to meet my new nephew, richie aka lionel richie rich, and tend to our very broken 95 year old grandma. she's ok -- but with 6 broken ribs she's got some recovery to do.

anyway -- when we weren't convincing grandma she was not, in fact, being turned into a morphine addicted drug mule, we were hanging out with the newest addition to the go family.

let's take a look:

lastly, rogray bonded with lionel richie rich in a very special way. so much so that LRR let rogray use him as a modeling prop. amazingness ensued not once, but twice:

side note -- sometimes LRR bears a striking resemblance to elvis:

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