Monday, October 23, 2006

oooh babies i love your ways. . .

these are rogray's twin niece and nephew with their mom, his sister.


they will be in two in december and they are hilarious. and apparently when stacked up, the same size as an adult.

they just got new haircuts -- g:

Ii'm cute.

p just looks like he has dennis the menace hair no matter what you do and it is often sticking straight up in the back but next to uncle rogray his hair looks downright coiffed.

uncles are cool

this is what happens when you give them chocolate cake:

g bypasses the cake and eats the fruit on her plate or prefers for you to pretend to eat her hand.

i like fruit toddler hands are yummy

p, however, prefers to eat as much cake as he can shove into his mouth.

seriosuly. cake.

look at the joy in his eyes:


he sat like this for at least 5 minutes:

this is for real. cake. did i mention cake?

oh god. . .they're so silly. . .we're going to hang out with them on halloween -- they are both going as elmo.

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