Tuesday, October 24, 2006

watcha got cooking? #3

dinner 3. another success. . .

miss n came over for dinner.

what’s for dinner?
what's for dinner?

rogray was hard at work:
a man & his recipe

but in the end it payed off. . .chicken marsala!!
chicken marsala!

this is my plate:
my plate

and this is me eating it:
yummy in my tummy
It was yummy.

for dessert miss n made. . .wait for it. . .
so soft

rice krispie treats!!!
krispie treat

we gobbled them up.

this was a harder meal for rogray because it involved more hands-on cooking and timing but he triumphed. the recipe was from rachael ray's 30 Minute Meals -- i only mention this because i know how much jk loves rachael ray! he doesn't really (she does seem to be getting more irritating with each day) -- but his mom is obsessed with her and wants him to find someone just like her -- which, if you knew him, is an absurd idea.

and to answer jk’s question – despite the rogray’s deep and profound love of chicken (honestly, if I were a chicken I would be long gone by now) he is going to venture out and when we are at my parents cabin this weekend he will make stuffed acorn squash. . . blogging will return next tuesday. . .starting tomorrow we’ll be in the mountains going on some hikes, sipping spiked hot cocoa, playing boggle, scrabble and various card games or watching movies in front of the fireplace. . .

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