Wednesday, October 18, 2006

waiting for tonight!

so i am back temping (couldn't be happier, really. beside myself with joy.) tonight when i get home i am going to upload a bunch of photos and get back to posting on as regular a basis as possible. but i'll leave you with this story in the meantime:

apparently we weren't supposed to move into the building on a saturday but since we had yet to see a lease much less sign one (still haven't btw)and nobody told us that when we handed over the money we didn't know that so we got some minor amounts of crap about it. i just acted all sweet and stuff and people seemed to forgive us -- and for the most part the other tenants couldn't be nicer. it was actually shocking how chatty and upbeat everyone was.

anyway, the next day as rogray and i are up to our necks in boxes and chaos i left to go get us some cleaning supplies (you heard me, i bought stuff to clean our house with and someday i'm gonna use it) and ran into an older woman with quite the brooklyn accent who immediately started admonishing me for moving in on a saturday. it went something like this:

old lady: are you the one who just moved into the building?

me: yes. i'm shaygo.

ol: well, i talked to your husband* yesterday and i told him that the house rules state that nobody can move in on a saturday -- monday trhough friday 8-5 is ok though.

me: i know i know nobodytoldusandwehadn'tseenaleasesowedidn'tknowblahblahblahsame story we told everyone else yesterday we're moved in so at least it's over.

ol: let me show you where the house rules are posted. (turns her granny cart around and takes me to the wall next to the mailboxes.) who'd you rent from (name redacted but she asked if i rented from the racist broker)?

me: yes.

ol: he's a serious bastard.

me: yeah! he is. . .(but i was actually really excited to hear her say this)

ol: who was in your apartment before?

me: i don't know.

ol: oh yeah -- it was that oriental couple. so here are the house rules:noloudmusicaftermidnightnosatellitetvnomovinginonsaturdayblahblahblahblahblah.

at this point i stopped listening because all i could think was that she and i thought the racist broker was a bastard for different reasons obviously.

what can i say -- i guess we're surrounded.

in other news we are still waiting on our security deposit to be returned from our last sublet in l.a. you can read about previous craziness with her here courtesy jk. she is now a month overdue and has avoided our calls and emails so we have gotten our family friend who is a lawyer involved. it's crazy, annoying and a nice chunk of change she has. . .

*normally i would say rogray's my bf but in this case if it seemed that i would be offending her by revealing that so i let it go. . .when i told rogray about the convo he says he never had a conversation with any old lady -- meaning that the lumberjack or c-squared -- rogray's 2 valiant friends who helped us move were blessed with her presentation of the house rules. sorry boys.

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