Friday, January 04, 2008

don't call it a comeback

happy new year y'all!! rogray and i are back from a tour of the southeast and i am back from my unintentional blog hiatus. . .so the 2 of you who read this (whaddup momgo & dadgo) your prayers have been answered.

i will be doing a longer post about all of our chrismukkah activities but for now i am keeping t simple and making a blog announcement.

Keeping in line with the whole New Year/New You thing I keep hearing about we will be adding a new feature:



rogray will be making occasional appearances on this here blog to let us know about his naps and i believe he will be starting with a vacation re-cap. if that doesn't excite you than you must have a very exciting life.

Happy New Year!! here's to keeping your resolutions!!

1 comment:

dadgo said...

I am excited!! Need I say more? Oh, I am also excited that my GPS speaks with a British accent.