Monday, January 14, 2008

we wish you a merry chrismukkah: the even later edition

ok. . .so jk didn't like my last post (see comments) but seeing as he's just been posting pictures of things he ate in paris i'm not sure what his le boeuf is -- get it le boeuf? because he was in paris? i've decided to continue talking about our holidays because a: i think i'm still recovering from them and b: they seemed to last forever.

you see, christmas started for rogray and myself at thanksgiving. why? because rogray's family is cuckoo for xmas so in the years where his mom gets the kids for thanksgiving and his dad gets the kids for christmas rogray's mom wants us to do christmas at thanksgiving so she doesn't miss out on any of the gift-giving fun. that means that every other year i get to go celebrate christmas twice -- which is a lot of christmas for this little jewish lady. . .but just fine for rogray -- i swaer the kid could listen to manheim steamroller for 2 months straight and still want more.

the only pictures i have of christmas at thanksgiving are from pedro & gracie opening all of their presents. . .and by all i mean all 50 of them. . .per child. it was intense to watch.


see that pile of presents behind pedro? present upon present teetering precariously atop one another? well those are gracie's presents. . .just gracie's. . .pedro's are in another spot in the room. and that pile was after gracie had already opened a few. at one point gracie and pedro were all done and ready to play but we told them they had to finish opening all of their presents and i swear i saw gracie vomit in her mouth when she looked at the tower she had to get through.

as usual with toddlers they only wanted to play with the first thing they opened anyway which made the whole thing more chaotic. so all gracie wanted to do was wear her dora the explorer princess dress:


and all pedro wanted to do was play candyland: the dora the explorer edition (sensing a theme here?):


i think my favorite moment was this series:


which led to this series:


i know this makes us a horrible people but for some reason we find it hilarious to take pictures of pedro when he's crying -- i mean not when he's crying about something truly tragic. . .then that's not funny -- but all the other times. . .it's funny.

anyway we ate some turkey, stuffing and the like, went to see american gangster and i'm sure took a nap or two -- and pedro and gracie got so many presents their heads almost exploded -- just a typical holiday. and i have a sneaking suspicion that gracie is still wearing her dora the explorer princess dress in spite of the six other princess dresses she got that day:


better jk?


jk said...

i'm just trying to start some le beouf with dadgo--but maybe he was just putting down "nap alert" to make a "sleep on it" joke.

dadgo said...

I thought my "sleep on it" was better than the "beouf" quip. At least JK picked up on my effort at humor! Much appreciated.

shaygo said...

fine, you are both hilarious.

jk said...

actually i'm also defending rogray. nap alert was awesome. down with dadgo!