Wednesday, March 28, 2007

i got the hook up

in between the meatloaf experiment and the massive house clean last night rogray attempted to set up our wireless internet router.

since he was taking a break from cleaning i took one too. i watched american idol. while my brain was rotting inside my head and i talked to sanjaya about how stupid his hair was like he could hear me and wondered aloud why people go gaga over that last dude -- chris? he's so boring. -- rogray was toiling away at the desk trying to do something useful and productive and getting visibly frustrated -- finally he threw his hands into the air and said "it doesn't work. i don't know what to do." he then got up and began cleaning the kitchen. which was very messy. see previous post as to why.

i decided to finish my assigned task of cleaning the bathroom and when i was done with that i decided to sit down at our desk and take a moment to investigate this whole wireless thing. . .and wouldn't you know it?

i got the fucker to work!!!!!!!!!

that's right ladies and gents -- i, shaygo, who has never set up a router of any kind, who still doesn't know the full capability of her digital camera, who has submerged her cell phone in both gatorade and the toilet (accidentally-i'm an idiot) set up the wireless internet router and now we have password protected wireless in our apartment.

i was (and am) soooooooooooooooooooooooooo proud of myself.

i'm not going to lie -- i was giddy with excitement. i don't need no geek squad. i am the geek squad!!!

rogray was excited but not nearly as excited as me. you know how i could tell? he sat in his chair and surfed the world wide web while i danced around, shaking what my mama gave me, singing "i did it. i set up the wireless. i'm so awesome. you are amazed by me."

now that i've calmed down we will be like that couple in the picture. released from the pesky confines of wires and free to sit on our asses together looking at things like this or if rogray has his way, this.

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dadgo said...

I am always amazed when you and the doctor doctor [E] display common traits!