Friday, March 09, 2007

Mr. Sandman

this set of photographs is one of the more intriguing things i've seen lately.

it's of people sleeping. i am fascinated.

i would love to see how rogray and i sleep throughout night -- i know it changes a lot because in the morning half of the covers are off the bed and rogray is inching onto my side of the bed while our cat deprives me of my pillow.

i would also like to see the difference between how i use the bed when i have to share vs. when i have the whole thing to myself.

my love for sleeping alone is no secret -- taking up the entire bed is an amazing thing --rogray has even offered to sleep in the living room so i can have a night with the entire queen size glory to myself. that is how much i rave about it -- every time he is out of town i get giddy with the excitement of not having to share an inch of the bed with anyone but our furry feline.

i haven't taken him up on his offer. . .yet.

my dream is to have a king size bed so rogray can take up 1/4 of it and i can sprawl across the rest.

i think sets 6 & 8 of the series are my favorites because you can see how crazy kids are when they sleep. . .hilarious.

from kottke

i did the image source thing jk! i did it!


dadgo said...

Based on your description of how you would enjoy a king size bed, you are your mother's child!

sweatpantsmom said...

We have a king-sized bed because my husband is 6'1", but the joke is that I practically push him off the bed every night.

ms. n said...

whenever we had slumbies i always remember both of us being very still and sleeping like lambs. i cherished our slumbs. was i wrong?