Monday, March 19, 2007

Know your Chicken

roast chicken

last week i totally roasted a whole chicken for the first time and it was truly awesome!

thanks to the advice of the boys at paupered chef i just put the oven rack on the second to last slot in the oven, stuffed the bird with a shit-load of herbs like sage, rosemary & thyme, cooked it on 500 for 50 minutes in the roasting pan and voila!! delicious crispy skin, juicy meat chicken for our eating pleasure.

i also made a pan gravy that accompanied the recipe for the chicken. . .i highly recommend doing this -- it will feed you for a few days unless you're rogray in which case it will feed you for one meal. you'll be happy that you cooked something yummy with little to no effort -- you don't even chop up the herbs people!!

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