Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Whatcha Got Cookin: Like a Bat Out of Hell edition*

as some of you may know i've been attempting to go low-dairy and wheat free in my diet. so far so good -- i don't know if i feel any different but i have become much more aware of what i'm eating which can't be a bad thing.

since i'm trying to kick up my protein intake i decided to make a turkey meatloaf thinking that i would have plenty of leftovers to enjoy. i found a recipe from ina garten and set out to make my very first meatloaf.

everything was going great. my organic freshly ground turkey meat was thawed and ready to go. the onions were chopped and i had wiped away the subsequent tears and made the thyme-onion-worcestershire mixture. now it was time to beat a couple eggs into submission and mix it all together. but look what happened when i cracked the first egg into the bowl:


whaaaaaaaaat thehellisthat??

oh -- it's just two yolks in one egg -- you know -- the usual. i stared at the twins inside my bowl and thought to myself "great. now what? the recipe calls for three eggs not a freakish 4 yolk, 3 egg mixture." so what did any self-respecting 28 year old do?

i called my mom.

oh, she laughed and laughed and thought it was so silly i was calling but then agreed that yes, this was very weird and perhaps i should start with 2 eggs and if the mixture seems dry then put in a 3rd.

sounded good to me so as we chatted about other things i cracked the second egg into the bowl and HOLY CRAPBALLS!!!


the second egg ALSO had two yolks!!!!!! what are the odds? WHAT ARE THE ODDS? it took all the willpower in the world and rogray hiding the eggs from me to keep me from craking open every egg in the carton to find out if the whole dozen was a batch of freak show eggs. leave it to the organic farm in good ole' PA that distributes their eggs to the park slope food co-op to have bizarre twin eggs.

anyway, after recovering from the wacky world of the egg prep i soldiered on and finally was ready to mold the meat mixture into a rectangular loaf shape. what i never knew is how gross ground meat mixed with other things looks as you shape it into a loaf and then spread ketchup on it.

have any of you made a meatloaf? it looks like roadkill. the following is my experience with this hot meatloaf action, photographs by rogray:

smear campaign
i'm scared
hot meatloaf action
and sad

and lastly:

this is gonna be good?

so, wondering how something that looked like that was going to taste like something i would want to eat, i put it in the oven with a pan of hot water underneath so the top wouldn't crack and cleaned our apartment for the 1.5 hours it took for this dead monster to cook.

it came out looking like this:

how does it look?

it looked much more appetizing on the plate especially with a salad and alexia sweet potato fries:


yes, i know that's a crappy picture. . .

and now, the tasting:

here we go

and you know what? i realized something -- i don't really like meatloaf. i want to like. i try to like it. but i don't like it. so there you have it. after all of that i came to terms with my dislike of meatloaf.

but rogray found my 2 egg, 4 yolk roadkill meatloaf to be pretty tasty and that is why i keep him around.

*get it? meat loaf! i slay me.

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dadgo said...

FYI--I will be out for dinner at our neighborhood joint--the Flying Bisquit--and I will have, as I almost always do, the turkey meatloaf dinner! Perhaps meatloaf [the food] is a guy thing!