Friday, October 12, 2007

autumn sweater

so summer has officially faded from both the calendar and the new york weather which means that the flip-flops are being put in the back of the closet and the hunt for the perfect sweater has begun. fall in new york is my favorite part of living here -- suddenly everything becomes nostalgic and awesome -- apple cider, brisk walks, and the sinus infections like the one i've had for the past week that has made me sound like an 80 year-old smoker. awesome.

and since i've been hiding from this wee little blog i have a back-log of pictures to post and things to talk about and amazing observations that illustrate my deep knowledge on a variety of subjects but first i'll post some pictures of my last visit to coney island from this summer. . .because our beloved beach side amusement park may never be the same again:

we bought some tickets:


to go on this:


there were two choices of cars: stationary or ones that swing. koogs hates anything that moves in a way other than her two feet on pavement so why she agreed to this is beyond me


but there we are.


her nerves are hidden by that big smile which quickly faded when we saw this:


let me tell you people something -- the last thing you need to see while you are in a metal cage that is swinging surprisingly violently hundred of feet in the air is a dude with a wrench working on the damn thing. . .

after we survived the wonder wheel the birthday girl decided she wanted to go on this:


maybe it looks innocent enough to you. you had to go two at a time so i was originally going to sit it out with koogs who wanted nothing to do with it but at the last minute this 7 year-old wanted to go on and her parents wouldn't go with her. i was suckered into being her chaperone and was treated to this:


and this:


ok, a few comments. first off i am not squeamish when it comes to rides like these -- in fact -- i love them. my favorite ride at coney island is called the break dance and it is so violent in it's spinning and reverse spinning that people who have just eaten should avoid it at all costs -- also if you think you like roller coasters you probably won't like the break dance.

now, the zipper may not be as "zippy" but it is more upsetting because there are moments where you actually think and feel like you are going to plummet to the earth quickly and die in a horrifying manner as you flip forward and around and upside down -- don't get me wrong, it was fun and the 7 year-old girl i was crushing loved it -- but still -- i was done after that ride.

and that was the last ride i went on at coney island this year. and i think it's safe to say that was the end of my fun in the sun summer. . .happy autumn. i'm off to buy a new sweater. . .

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