Tuesday, October 30, 2007

we are family: part one

a few weekends ago my family gathered for our annual family weekend which serves as a get out of spending the holidays with us weekend. unfortunately my brother is off saving lives being all doctor-y so he and his wife couldn't come -- whatever -- his priorities are so out of whack.

rogray and i flew down to georgia where the droughts seem eternal and were quickly whisked away to mountains stopping here along the way:

shana1 016

oh, yes. that there sign is on the pig hill of fame. i'm not sure what you do to get your pig on that there hill of fame or why signs like these make the cut

shana1 030

but there you have it. and let me tell you something -- if the hill isn't enough to prove this joint's love of the pig maybe these photos will:

shana1 018

shana1 020

you can say what you want about their politics but there is only one thing to say about their bbq -- it's amazing. seriously.

shana1 025

you place your order with a nice southern lady before you even walk in and she writes it down for you and you give it to the nice people inside and pay for it before you sit down. they give you your cups and you get yourself some sweet tea:

shana1 021shana1 022

which is super sweet and super tasty. (side note: i think one of the things my family loves most about having rogray come down to georgia is indoctrinating him into the southern food culture -- since new jersey isn't exactly known for any culinary specialties.) then you wait patiently with your paper towel holder decoration for your food to arrive:

shana1 023

and then it does. and then you eat this succulent, moist pork snadwich with, i swear to god, the best baked beans i have ever had.

shana1 026

after that we got to the cabin and went for a little stroll and posed for the camera (after a round of margaritas):

shana1 033

i feel i should tell you that this is one of two almost identical pictures of momgo, dadgo and myself and when deciding between which one to post i realized it didn't matter as dadgo is talking in both of them.

after a delicious dinner (momgo really hit it out of the park this weekend) we played some progressive rummy while we waited for my sister and her crew to arrive:

shana1 039

after winning the first hand i proceeded to lose operatically which resulted in my favorite picture of rogray and me i have ever taken:

shana1 048

next -- the nephews arrive and chaos ensues. . .

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