Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Sound of Business

i don't know if you've ever noticed but i totes get bored at work -- sometimes this leads to hours of mindless web-surfing which then leads to the ammassing of useless knowledge like that bai ling is a woman who may have been in a movie once and who definitely makes questionable wardrobe decisions.

sometimes this boredom leads to creativity and my last temp job helped me to discover a new talent: drawing.

not drawing on paper with a pen -- i'm actually quite horrible at that. i mean drawing using the paint program still oddly available on all pcs.

here is one in a series of two. it's called from me to you.

from me to you

can you guess what it is? ok -- i'll tell you. it's me sending rogray an email. see how that email is being electronically sent through the air? i'm amazing.

the other in this series of two is called hostage.


i won't go into why it's called hostage but i'm sure some of you have felt this way about your computer at some point. isn't the gun impressive? i did that with a computer mouse people! and the apple laptop -- oh god! i'm soaking up your silent applause before i even post this.

perhaps i will continue down this newly discovered creative path and build a whole ouevre. . .

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