Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Free love on the freelove freeway

ok, so i've been out of town in georgia with the fam (posts to follow) which means i missed two days of work which means that the amazingly wonderful (insert sarcasm)guy i have been temping for welcomed me back by saying "oh. hi. i've been mad at you the past two days since you weren't here and cursing you this whole time." totally awesome. . .i appreciate his candor? but not really.

anyway -- if that wasn't my david brent/michael scott moment then this is:

there's the guy who my boss wanted to meet with. . .let's call him mohammed. and when he came into my boss' office my boss had his back to the door so he asked “who’s there?” and mohammed said “It’s mohammed” and my boss said – “oh my god all of these bizarre, weird names!”

i'll just let those words speak for themselves.


Anonymous said...

What friggin company is this? And what does this guy do? The boss...not mohammed. Oh well, I would like to know what Mohommed does as well. I guess he was saying in his own way that he values you as a person and worker.


dadgo said...

Is this what you have to look at each day you go to work?

shaygo said...

dadgo - that is not a picture of my actual boss -- that is a picture of ricky gervais who created and starred in the british version of the office.

momgo -- you are a very nice & forgiving person but i have a feeling that him cursing me has little to do with valuing me.