Wednesday, November 29, 2006

and i go at sleepy time. . .

i am at work. i am so bored. and so sleepy. sleepy to the point of wondering if i can fall asleep leaning my head on my hand while facing the computer so no one will know i'm sleeping when they walk by the cube -- they'll just think i'm staring intently at the calendar on the screen.

when we were in l.a. and i was working at big nameless financial company i could go to the quiet room and snooze for 20 minutes and then come back to work feeling refreshed and awake.

i'm so sleepy i don't even have anything to say really -- i'm only posting something so i can stay awake. and this isn't because i didn't get enough sleep last night -- i got almost 8 hours. i wonder what would happen if i started typing with my eyes closed? i'm going to try it and whatever happens happens.

ok so i', typing with my eyes closed and wondering if what i;m typunbg makes any sense. iy's nice to type with my eyes closed so i can get some mych needed shuteye.

ok how's that go" ok openingh eyes.

wow!! not too bad -- actually pretty damn impressive. i mean that's probably about on par with my typing when my eyes are open. maybe i should type with my eyes closed more often.

let's try again.

i am so tired. why can'y i take a nao.

ok -- not as good -- but not horrible.

maybe you guys should try this too -- see how well you do.


Rob said...

i;m writing this cxomment with my eyes xlosed/

jk said...

dude, instead of WGC, you should start live-blogging your boredom at work. worst case scenario: you get canned like at the realtor place. actually, that's a great story. you should post it.

btw: is that "rob" rogray? and is he writing about american history on a blog?

sweatpantsmom said...

I say go for the nap. Just watch the drooling - that always gives you away.

dadgo said...

Ihave to think long and hard agout what to respond to this. But I am doinf the typing with my eues closed!

Formerly, The Dude Spoke said...

I don't even have a job to fall asleep at anymore. Consider yourself lucky.

And I wrote this comment with my eyes closed.

And with my wang.

(My wang, of course being the WANG 246i remote keyboard, attached to the arms of the Lay-z-boy)

The Lay-z-boy, of course, meaning my genitals.