Wednesday, November 08, 2006

WGC #6!

so mondays have become dinner night with koogs, miss n, and myself. the ladies come over (koogs brings bread and cheese, miss n brings dessert) and rogray cooks and then we eat! so here we have the results of meal #6:

marinated pork with mushroom gravy and balsamic braised veggies. (recipe and menu designed by rachael ray.)

we ate. three different ladies, three different styles of eating!

taste time! koogs is cute! yummy cooking!

and then we discuss what we're eating. rogray likes the way he sautees garlic but miss n thinks her way is better:

first, you sautee the garlic when I made pork

the pork was delicious -- cooked perfectly so it stayed juicy and tender which is good because nobody likes touch, dry pork. the veggies were good and cooked perfectly! the gravy? no good -- and as usual this was in no way rogray's fault. rachael ray is simply bonkers. i have a sneaking suspicion she's a reliable resource when it comes to simple and classic comfort foods like chicken marsala and the like but when it comes to her trying to get fancy she spins wildly out of control and thinks that a rich mushroom gravy would go well with a light tart pork marinade. ho is crazy!

koogs was very uncomfortable with the constructive criticism I gave rogray but she also thinks i'm hilarious so this is what she looks like when telling me to stop:

okok, i liked it. . . just try and hide your amusement!

after dinner we digest a bit and then eat dessert -- this week was uncanny cashew ice cream from ben & jerry's. i'd never had it before but it's miss n's fave and rightly so. . .

the night ends with some good tv watching -- this week we watched an episode of 30 rock which miss n's old rommate, jack mcbrayer, is on -- and he's brilliant!!! so everyone watch it so it can stay on forever. we call it a night when koogs admits defeat to her exhaustion which is usually around 9 -- hey, you'd be tired to if you had to guide and teach our nation's future, the youth of america…

rogray's next task: a pasta dish. . .

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