Tuesday, November 14, 2006

WGC #7 & #8!!!

2 for the price of 1!! you guys are lucky.

so last thursday we had some more fine ladies over for dinner and some theater type conversation and rogray made pasta with toasted hazelnuts and shaved asparagus. . .you're getting hungry just thinking about it!

asparugus pasta

we've switched to whole wheat pastas in an effort to incorporate more whole grains into our diet and it's easy because it doesn't taste any different from the other kind.

this is a really quick and easy weeknight dinner that rogray obviously aced. you shave the asparagus stalks raw with a vegetable peeler and toast/roast the hazelnuts -- when the pasta is cooked -- you drain it and throw in the shaved asparagus -- the heat from the pasta cooks it! it's genius. throw in the hazelnuts with some olive oil and parmesan and you're done. . .and happy.

#8 was salmon in a dijon-dill sauce with sauteed kale.

dill and kale

ok -- i know the picture doens't make it look so appetizing -- and the picture that came with the recipe made the sauce look thinner and yellower but whatever -- i'm not a food stylist and i refuse to hire one for our photo shoots. this was good -- rogray's first foray into kale -- but we both agreed that the sauce wasn't amazing enough to justify the trouble it took to make it -- we like our salmon with some olive oil, a squeeze of lemon, salt, pepper and a dash of garlic powder.

in an effort to keep rogray from burning out i made a spaghetti carbonara without cream -- turns out you don't need it. i didn't take a picture because i forgot but let me tell you -- it hit the spot and was just the comfort food we were looking for.

we probably won't be able to do another rogray cooked meal for the next week but i'm hoping for some red meat. . .i know, i know. . .it's terrible for you -- but i haven't had any for almost 2 months so i think i'm due a serving.

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