Tuesday, November 21, 2006

workin' for the weekend.

hot dog

this is how our busy weekend started: hot dogs!! rogray and i went to lincoln center to see the understudy run-through of this play:

miss n's show

miss n is the understudy for one of the leads and invited us to come watch her in the run-through. we were so excited we took a picture of her name in lights:

her name in lights

basically we got to see a very expensive play for free with fantastic performances. miss n was the best though and i'm not playing favorites -- she was at the top of her game- the part was written for her and why she wasn't just cast is a mystery to me but whatever -- she was funny, smart and beautiful. here she is after the run-through in costume:

the star of the show

see how hot?

saturday we finished cleaning the apartment and our reward was going to mateo's 27th b-day party!! he was celebrating with another friend of his and their friends got together and not only were they great hosts but great chefs too. an action shot:

j makes yummy things

and the spread:

the spread

there were spring rolls, homemade guacamole and salsa, chicken satay with homemade peanut sauce, bruschetta, prosciutto wrapped crudites, some kind of garlic dip, bacon wrapped scallop and shrimp, crab dip, a fancy cheese plate and geo's special ginger kisses which didn't taste like there was any alcohol in them but the pounding in my head sunday morning begged to differ. . .

we had lots of fun:

action shot

but then i couldn't find my cell phone so the evening started to look like this:

oh shaygo here's to parties

rob trying to call my cell phone while mateo gave me the old "oh shaygo" while his roommate ignored the situation completely. but we couldn't find my cell phone because it was hiding under this:

my phone is somewhere under there

after being assured that mateo would definitely find it and assuring that his cookie stash we gave him the stash was safe inside his closet so nobody could partake of mateo's one true passion we decided it was time to leave since we had our own soiree to throw.

Housewarming Brunch!!

we woke up early and i made a bloody mary mix and then we went to park slope to get too many bagels and pick up mo and her hubby so they could help us set up and din't have to cart their homemade banana nut bread and berry muffins on the train.

miss n thought the fritattas i made were tasty:
this is delicious!

while these two were more intrigued by our coffee and bloody marys:
a lovely couple

there was some perusing of my us weekly:
look at this guy

and some general silliness:
jonny g brunch is fun!

some serious chatting:

you went there too? turns out mo and miss n's b-fri, the rock star, went to elementary school together!

the lumberjack came and went:
one last look lumberjack leaving

and at the end of the day when everyone had left and rogray and i did our re-cap we realized that the most remarked upon item at the brunch was not the food, not the company, not the music, or even the apartment but this:

the talk of the party

our light fixture. that we didn't buy. it was the only thing in the apartment when we moved in. and it was all anyone could talk about. so basically the one thing people were the most obsessed with was the one thing rogray and i had nothing to do with. little did i know we had such a gem on our hands.

it was a great brunch. the lawyer brought us a plant which was a nice gift and many brought sweets and cakes to round out the whole meal -- the critic even brought pancake batter because i got paranoid there wouldn't be enough food but we didn't even touch it...but i heard it made a great dinner so it didn't go to waste.

thanks to everyone who came. our house has been officially warmed.


Formerly, The Dude Spoke said...


You gotta tell me how to get pictures in your posts.

dadgo said...

Well it is an interesting light fixture!