Monday, November 20, 2006

When I Paint My Masterpiece

rogray and i have been in the midst of trying to get our apartment (aka our shit) together. it's a big space by our standards(not to brag but more to make you wonder if your space would be considered bi and therefor make you feel ever so slightly insecure about your own home -- don't feel too bad -- our bathroom sink is missing a leg and the shower drain is clogged so we're not perfect) so we don't want to overfill it but we don't want to leave it empty either.

basically all that is to say that i spend hours on craigslist trying to find us a coffee table, shelves and the like. thanks to all my research on craigslist rogray was able to buy us a bookcase for $15 -- the trick being it was unfinished wood. so one trip to home depot and $54 later i was ready to do my first official home project: paint a bookcase. unfortunately i have no pictures of what it looked like before but i do have pictures of the transformation.

this is me in the act:

notice the use of painter's tape for the delicate edging. take a closer look at the way i grasp the brush to exert maximum control yet have fluidity in my painting style.

blank slate

no shelves-- an example of minimalism and function -- the function being that this was the 3rd and final coat of paint and dry dammit!!! DRY!!

the shelves:


at that angle it looks like my floor is really slanted. . .it's not.

and finally the finished product:
the finished product

take your time. deeply inhale and relish the simplicity, the beauty, form and function mingling together. . .a true piece of art.

ok. not really but i am proud of it. i used primer! i used one can of paint called egyptian nile and another called cottage white because i wanted contrast! an assortment of paint supplies were used including mini rollers and small paintbrushes! i arranged the books with thought and then embellished with chotchkes!

is this the same humble beginning from which martha began?


Noah said...

Believe me, I'm not picking on you for a typo -- I've made more than my share in my day, but I thought this was pretty funny ...

"to make you wonder if your space would be considered bi and therefor make you feel ever so slightly insecure about your own home"

My space is really just bi-curious ...

shaygo said...

oh god. i even spell checked. i know alot of people with bi spaces. not that there's anything wrong with that. . .ba dum dum.

i guess if i'm going to have a typo it better be funny. . .