Tuesday, November 28, 2006

WGC #9 & 10!! (gobble gobble edition)

i don't know about you guys but at one point during thanksgiving i was so full i thought i was going to die. seriously.

we went to rogray's sister's on the upper east side around 11:30am to begin the festivities. the babies were taking their nap so we all just hung out waiting for his dad, step mom, and grandfather to arrive. we decided to start eating. now what should we start with? how about rogray's now famous spinach artichoke dip?


i love spinach artichoke dip. it is a weakness of mine. if ever i am forced to eat at a place like this or this the only thing i will want is spinach artichoke dip. we've coined this t.g.i.rogray and it was a hit. about half an hour later it looked like this:

the big hit this thing was so popular that rogray has to make it at the twins' b-day party next weekend, our chrismukkah party in 2 weekends and again at christmas at his mom's. i couldn't be happier.

rogray's bro-in-law makes amazing cuba libre's: the drinkman

so i had one to start the day. when rogray's dad and step-mom showed up with grandpa gray in tow they opted for red wine and antics: let the fun begin

after my cuba libre i discovered this toy. at first i was confused and a bit scared:
elmo say what? but then i realized it was awesome: elmo went potty

while the turkey was finishing rogray and pedro had a moment:
he sits!he reaches!he cries!

and gracie tried to think of other words to say besides no: she'strying to think of a word besides no she couldn't. but she's 2.

the bird finished and while bro-in-law moved it from roaster to cutting board holgray (apparently rogray thinks the middle sister wouldn't like to be called hogray even though i think it's hilarious!) carved it:

the bird holly gets to work

oh, and yes, these people cook their turkey with bacon on top. yummy!

we all settled in with an appropriate family member at the head of the table: gracie is in charge and ate turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green beans, cranberry sauce and some weird cabbage, vinegar thing that rogray family loves. i have what they call a "no thank you" portion of it.

after awhile we were ready for pie! holgray made maple pumpkin and rogray made apple cranberry: pumpkinapple

we were very excited to get into the pies: i want pie!

we decided you couldn't compare the two so they both won and when our plates looked like this: all clean

we did some of this: zzzzzrogray zzzzzshaygo zzzzzz

but not for long since the babies wanted to do some of this: baby chaos

and this: babies are crazy

until they found this: what's all this? which led to this:

we love this stuff

this is great

the mess

how can you be mad at this?

it took 4 adults to clean up the mess these 2 little people made. but look at their faces. . .argh! so cute!!

after that the twins were pretty tired so we put them to bed, said goodbye to the parental units, cleaned up and hopped the train home. it was a very successful day of thanks.

but what was rogray's 10th cooking endeavor you ask? why. . .turkey tetrazzini of course!!!

turkey tetrazzini!

ok. let me just say that i don't really like turkey. and i never thought i liked turkey tetrazzini. until rogray made it! he's a third of the way through his cooking project and it's pretty amazing how you can really see (and taste) the difference. he doesn't get stressed out while he's cooking anymore and when the cream sauce looked a bit thin he threw in more flour to thicken it -- without the guidance of the recipe!! now that's what i call cooking.


dadgo said...

Seems like Rogray may need to be retitled chefgray! Of course he is also the tire guy [but one would have to know about his shopping for tires for the hotrod]. sounds like a great Thanksgiving--as one should be. But is bacon on turkey kosher?

jk said...

i love dadgray looking at you like you are a maniac holding that elmo doll.