Friday, November 03, 2006

This is the song, Elmo’s song! And WGC? #5

i don’t know how you people spent All Hallow’s Eve but i sure know how we spent it. with rogray’s niece and nephew! they turn 2 next month and they are obsessed with elmo so their mom decided they should both go as elmo. brilliant!

this is the best we could do for pictures of them in their costumes.

gracie in costume pedro in costume

it turns out that 2 years old don’t want to wear loose fitting caps nor do they want to be dressed head to toe in red flannel on an oddly warm night at the end of october. however they do like running around apartment buildings banging on people’s doors for candy. that part they got. and fast.

we went trick or treating in a nearby building with a some of rogray’s sister’s friends and their kids. we saw some of the cutest things like a one year old dressed as a strawberry and a 3 year old who not only was the status of liberty but was so committed to the look that she held her flashlight torch above her head the entire time. . .amazing.

by the end of the night everyone was exhausted. after a few hours of keeping up with toddlers and fending off aggressive 10 year olds in some of the scariest costumes i’ve ever seen you feel an intense need for a glass of wine and a yummy dinner. rogray steps in to save the day! meal number 5: another success!! here he is with his creation and a close-up.
mangia! dish #5
it was penne with tuna in an olive and parsley sauce. the olive oil base of the sauce kept it nice and warm while the saltiness of the kalamata olives, capers and tuna kept it bright. and it can be made in 20 minutes.

we now have 25 more meals to go and let me just say that i can’t wait to find out what he cooks up for me next. i have asked to move out of the realm of chicken for awhile so i think he’s going to be focusing on pork, fish and (here’s hoping) he’ll follow it all up with some steak!

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jk said...

i think adding some fresh tomatoes to this would make it awesome. fresh basil might make it too busy, but it's also worth a shot.