Thursday, November 30, 2006

Flying saucers, levitation, yo! I could do that.

courtesy of huffington post this a.m. i stumbled across this little tidbit about scientists succeeding in levitating small bugs. An ant, a ladybug and a spider.

at the end of the article is a video of some acoustic levitation done by some genius at NASA -- and i'm not being sarcastic when i say genius. i mean it. he probably is. the video is awesome. not because he gets 4 balls to levitate but because of the cool 80's style effects they use -- because it was actually the 80s.

my question is this. they're probably spending millions of dollars to research this. which is fine. but i saw a tv show where david blaine levitated and couldn't they just ask him how he does it? i know a lot of people say he isn't a magician but don't you think it took some magic to convince us he actually is one simply by doing stupid stunts like living under water, freezing himself in a block of ice and most recently spinning in a gyroscope for 2 days for target? (i can just see the ceo of target being so insanely excited about the "hipness" of the stunt. you know that ceo was all "we have david blaine in a gyroscope for 2 days in times square to kick off the holidays. wal-mart just has jessica simpson in a sexy mrs. santa outfit moaning about how all she wants for christmas is some dignity. we are so cool!!")

all this is to say -- if levitation is something we can already do where are the scientists working on teleportation? because that would make my commute much more bearable.

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