Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Oh happy day!

We did it! -- now we have to see if we can keep doing it. . .and lets just keep our fingers crossed for the senate shall we?

i'm bummed that Lois Murphy from the 6th District didn't win since that's who we canvassed for but she lost by a mere 3001 votes (2%) and District 6 is mondo conservative so I have hope for them that the Democrats will win there some day.

jk thinks that all of the blog posts and phone calls to people telling them to go vote were "completely patronizing and tired." i think i would feel the same way (especially since you're often preaching to the choir in your own circle) except that rogray told me this story about something that happened when he was canvassing in PA yesterday: an older woman told him she wasn't going to vote because she was fed up with the whole system and didn't trust any of them. i agree with her feelings of anger and bitterness but i do not agree that not voting is the answer so i think reminding people to vote is a necessary evil.

but whatever. . .the point is now we've done it so please, please, please democrats: DO. NOT. FUCK. THIS. UP.

i'm shaygo and i approve this message.


jk said...

i'm all about what you guys did in PA. i'm just not calling up my political friends in CA and NY to vote for phil and hillary, you know?

if people don't want to vote they can shut up.

p.s. i don't comment on celebrities

shaygo said...

oh, i get it...that i agree with.

i inexplicably hate celeb gossip...the sorrow. you probably use your brain more than i.