Wednesday, November 29, 2006

WGC #11

i know we are heavy on the whatcha got cookin? series and as momgo told me "your blog is boring. it's only about rogray's cooking!" just hang on -- we have 19 more to go and when it's over i promise i will reach a new level of boring as i struggle to find something of interest to blog about. . .

also, i am sad to say that there are no pictures of wgc #11 as i am under the weather and was so spacey and sleepy that i forgot to take out the old camera. my apologies.

last night was a good weeknight dinner. . .whole wheat rotini with steamed broccoli, chicken sausage with truffles, and olives. rogray's starting to get muy confident in the kitchen. you know how i can tell? the olives weren't part of the recipe. wgc #5 (that's right, i just linked to myself. it's like when people say "i'm quoting myself when i say" only with the internets) had olives in it and rogray knew that was good and so he decided to get a little wacky -- and you know what? it worked! the olives added some much needed kick to it. so not only is he not a stress case when he cooks -- but he's improvising.

i am really excited for friday's dinner and hopefully i'll be done with my cold by then. i won't tell you what it is but it involves making a certain salad that is infamous in my family. . .

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