Tuesday, November 07, 2006

You is just a hot mess. . .

a thought from koogs and her fiancee the hulk re: britney dumping kfed:

"Hulk and I were discussing the difference between a "hot mess" and "just a fucking mess." We decided that Britney with Justin was a "hot mess". But Britney now was "just a fucking mess." Also in the running for "hot mess": Demi Moore, Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton. In the running for "just a fucking mess": Nicole Richie, Courtney Love."

i concur with their thinking. . .hot mess is sexy, dirty, wrong but oh so right. . .just a fucking mess is a disaster, shameful, and so depressing.

now you can leave your votes in the comments as to who/what you think is a "hot mess" vs. "just a fucking mess."

come on people -- show me who reads this blog. . .mom? dad? rogray? jk? hello? anyone there?


Dad said...

I am reading your blog--but have no basis to vote on the relative mess that these insufferable "stars" make of their shallow lives! LOVE YA!

Formerly, The Dude Spoke said...

I don't feel that Paris Hilton is a hot mess. Just a fuckin mess works fine. And because I just feel like insulting her some more, she's a fuckin mess with a wonky eye.

Seriously. It's creepy. Not hot at all.

I think my ex would count as a hot mess :)