Friday, November 02, 2007

famous faces

shana1 031

so i get to work today and open up my email and there is a message from my dad with the subject "Fan Club."

naturally, i assume he is writing to tell me that i have one and that they are selling crosswords and cupcakes t-shirts and having online discussions about how hilarious i am and whether or not rogray's hair looks better when it's really long or really short but. . .[sigh] no. it turns out i do not have a fan club.

but guess who does?

MY DAD!!!!

and guess where his fan club lives on the internets?


oh, yeah, my 67 year old dad has a fan club devoted to him on facebook organized by some of his students. they discuss the shirts that he wears, where he vacations, quotes -- i mean this is a legitimate fascination with my father.

so i joined facebook to see it and let me tell you -- this thing might be one of the most hilarious happenings on the world wide web i have ever seen.

and, i'm not gonna lie, i was filled with pride that my martini & margarita making, glasses wearing, pontificating father is cool enough to have a facebook profile.

i mean, do one of your parents have a facebook fan club?

yeah, i didn't think so.


Hungry Ghost said...

What's it like to be the duaghter of a celebrity?

dadgo said...

I am sure it is quite cool!!!

shaygo said...

it's like, totally the coolest. . .but you probably wouldn't understand. . .