Monday, November 12, 2007

I'm gonna lay down in the spa

last year, literally, hazlet was kind of enough to give gift certificates for spa manicure/pedicures to koogs and myself for our birthdays. because koogs and i are lame it took us a full year to get around to using them.

rogray & hazlet's hubby, mr. gouldwood, wished us well as we went to get our nails did:

have fun at the spa!

mr. gouldwood was showing us that he and rogray were going to be doing fun manly things like trying on clothes that are pink.

after a delicious 90 minutes of soaking, buffing, massaging and painting koogs and i emerged from the spa looking as if our fingers were dripping in jewels. we met up with hazlet at brunch to see what she might think:

hazel likes the red!

hazlet likes the red!! i've never, ever painted my nails any other color bur clear so i am very happy to see that she liked it. but what about koogs' nails? will she go for the deep purple-red that she opted for?

and the maroon!

and it's a YES!!! woo-hoo. . .after thanking hazlet through some deep transatlantic meditation that we are sure made it all the way to london to her and her new baby we parted ways and i went home to find this happening:

is this the magic card of history?

rogray is writing a paper for a class he's taking on WWI & WWII. he has devised an intricate system of note taking on index cards and even harper is overwhelmed:

what is this craziness?

i mean what the hell? is that just a bunch of paper toys for her to attack or is it some kind of giant puzzle that will lead her to lots of friskies and catnip? oh, it's neither. it's knowledge. about the world.

inevitably, even harper finds this knowledge thing intriguing:

then, in 1916

since i wasn't writing a paper i decided to do some reading in front of our fireplace:

our fireplace

and promptly took an hour long nap. that's right. a dvd called radiant fireplace relaxed me like an actual fireplace and put me to sleep. . .because i'm cool like that.

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