Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I've Gotta Have Faith

it is very rare on this blog that i comment on my friend's doings because, well, this blog is about me so you are stuck reading about me from my perspective in my voice and you WILL. LOVE. IT.

but this time i need to devote a post to one friend's doing because it is insanely major and impressive and fills me with such pride i simply cannot refrain from mentioning it to you, the 4 people who read this here site.

my friend, the reverend k, has published a book!!!!

it's called the faith between us and you can buy it here, here, or any online bookseller. or you can do what rogray and i did: went to our local barnes and noble and bought it in person. from the bookstore.

i can't imagine how surreal it must be to see your book sitting on the shelf of one of your neighborhood bookstores but i imagine it's pretty surreal since it was fairly surreal to call one of my neighborhood bookstores and talk to someone in the comparative religion section and have this interaction:

me: "hey, do you have the faith between us?"

them: "yes."

me: "will you put it on hold for me?"

them: "yes."

all i wanted to tell the guy was "dude, my friend totally co-wrote that shit." but instead i said "thanks" and rogray went and picked it up.

and i was filled with pride the moment i saw my friend's name on the cover and his picture on the inside. and now i have begun to read it.

and it is beautiful. it is a conversation through essays between two 30-something men -- one a catholic, one a jew, both who both believe in and cultivate their faith. it is honest and brave and delicate and full of curiosity and acceptance. so please, please go buy this book and read it. and then buy a copy and give it to your friend or family member or hairdresser. . .anyone you think might enjoy such a thing.

thank you.

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