Tuesday, November 06, 2007

a little horsy named Paul Revere

this past weekend rogray and i jumped in a car and drove up to boston for a little sight-seeing trip and to visit his sister holgray (who i totally want to call hogray but rogray thinks that she wouldn't like it because then it's like her first name is ho but that's why i think it's funny because she's so not ho-ey).

saturday was a day of rain -- literally rain -- all day -- non-stop. but did that stop us intrepid tourists? NO!!

we forged ahead and went to quincy, ma (the birthplace of dunkin donuts) to tour the adams family estate. we started off at the mini-museum and tried on some colonial fashions:

Beantown!!! 001

apparently our forefathers drank dunkin donuts' coffee.

we hopped on a trolly

Beantown!!! 003

and proceeded on the tour of which there are no pictures because a: we weren't allowed to take pictures inside the houses and b: did i mention that it didn't stop pouring rain all day with wind gusts up to 30mph?

that night we went over to cambridge for a mini college reunion with his friends from his freshman year dorm. there was a lot of " you haven't changed a bit" going around but i imagine that with all of the marriages and babies they had all, in fact, changed quite a bit. you know -- like less pot smoking, no more platonic napping and less hair on the top of the head but more hair on the backs of the men.

here is the night told primarily through what the kids did:

this kid brought the cute:

Beantown!!! 006

and this one brought the adorable:

Beantown!!! 009

we brought the wacky:

Beantown!!! 005

and crisco brought the pain in his shoulder:

Beantown!!! 004

which you'd think his wife, an acupuncturist, would have taken care of but she was too busy smiling:

Beantown!!! 014

then the kids went bonkers:

Beantown!!! 017
Beantown!!! 031
Beantown!!! 029
Beantown!!! 039
Beantown!!! 038

we went back to the home of the harvard educated and continued our festivities over one of the best gin & tonics i've had in a long time and were treated to the sweet sound of kids with musical instruments:

Beantown!!! 045
Beantown!!! 048
Beantown!!! 051

the next day holgray treated us to brunch and took us for a lovely sightseeing walk through the back bay down to the charles river:

Beantown!!! 063

Beantown!!! 064

look how lovely holgray looks in this picture and then look closely at rogray. . .why is she so happy and he so confused?

Beantown!!! 066

we stopped to kiss this guy:

Beantown!!! 070

who holgray thought was einstein but turned out to be some musician and then we decided to pay homage to the dude who invented ether:

Beantown!!! 071

after that we went back to holgray's in the south end, got in the car, drove past fenway park and made our way home with a vow to return to good ole' beantown to tour the site of the great molasses flood of 1919 and take a little witch tour.

as holgray said, we like to go to the best places!

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Anonymous said...

I feel horrible. I laughed at the notion that there really was a Great Molasses Flood in Boston. Ironically, I love to put molasses in my BAKED BEANS...Boston Baked Beans.

Now I will go read "The Faith between Us" as penance.