Friday, September 29, 2006

the eagles have landed.

we got here thursday afternoon, looked at 2 apartments and crashed. 2 things happened thursday night that would have never happened in la la. first, we walked to the grocery store. second, it rained.

then today after possibly finding an apartment and me mourning the loss created by moving out of the slope we ran into reverend k on the sidewalk. best run-in we could have hoped for. already being back here is better -- now if we could get jk, the dude and the bff to move here we would be set forever.

more about the apartment hunt and the shockingly and brazenly racist realtor soon. for those of you that know the story of the realtor who almost grabbed my boob and offered koogs and ms. n a 3 bedroom that turned out to be 2 bedrooms with a large closet this guy is up there in the insanity department. . .

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