Wednesday, September 27, 2006

take me home, country roads. . .

so after a night with the fam which included a few hours with these goofballs (crazy nephews, gg and sister):


my nephews are hilarious – the older one insists on being naked as often as possible and comes up with the craziest things to say – when big bro, smelly, left he stood on the steps and in his 5-year old's voice sent off his uncle with “come back anytime!”

my sister (the judge) and my dad (gozo) had a race in the pool and she kicked his ass twice – once with the handicap of doing the butterfly while my dad swam freestyle! but rogray turned around and kicked her ass but then lost to her on a re-match due to one of the weirdest turns i’ve ever seen in a pool. it was hilarious and really exciting – my sister rules. and not just over a court – ba-dum-bum.

we moved on to Athens,GA for a few hours with these goofballs (godsons):

chubby cheeks eats everything and that includes basil leaves and big d is obsessed with rogray – they spent the entire time trying to scare t-dog and me at first by pretending to be ghosts but rogray made it a bit more esoteric and somehow got bid d to say things like “mommy, I decided to move to france. Will you drive me to the airport?” I’m still undecided as to who was having more fun: the 5 year old or the 28 year old:

tell her. . .

we moved out of homestate GA and into North Carolina to crash at rogray’s dad and stepmom’s and then had lunch with the guru in Durham – he inspired us to make our own almond milk – his was insanely good. And the guru showed us a brilliant film on George Washington

I highly suggest watching it. . .highly.

After crashing in Richmond and eating at the critic’s suggestion, carytown burgers and fries. . .yummy!)

you have something on your chin

we stopped in D.C. to see the dirty slut who’s been nannying and in desperate need of adult talk. We also tried to stalk barak obama but the closest we got was a cavalcade that kept us from crossing the street – we don’t know who was in it but I bet you it was someone important. . .

we left her and headed to Lancaster, PA to hang with rogray’s mom and stepdad who are making in the midst of getting ready to move themselves.

rogray’s wendy’s add is in full force as we have hear from people in Seattle, North Carolina and York, PA that they’ve seen it -- keep an eye out people.

Thursday, September 28th we will be pulling into bklyn to stay with mo and her hubby until we find a place. we are overwhelmed, excited, anxious and thrilled to be moving back to our home. . .


parabasis said...

(1) I can't believe you'll be back that soon

(2) I'm glad you enjoyed CTB&F

(3) Which kind of burgers did you get?

parabasis said...

oh and PS: Is it still entirely staffed by the same genre of young people you see begging for change in NYC with their dogs?