Saturday, September 23, 2006

Picture book.

so i mentioned in an earlier post about arguing with rogray over the camera. sweatpantsmom has a great post about arguments with her husband in regards to the camera that pretty much sums up our dispute. basically ever since we got the digi-cam i have become obsessed with taking pictures of pretty much anything and everything -- nothing is off-limits including what i think are funny pictures of us waking up in the morning and every other second of the day in which we may or may not be doing anything of interest. especially if it's crossing a state line.

see, i believe that the crossing of a state line is a cause for celebration. it's a symbol of a journey as well as an acknowledgment that you made it out alive despite the attempts on your life by other drivers that think turn signals are for sissies and lane markers are merely suggestions.

rogray thinks differently -- he thinks pictures should be taken only when interesting or supremely funny things are happening and also what's the rush and also (horrifyingly) we lived just fine up until now without the camera, we'll be fine without a few pictures -- this last comment was made in response to my complete freak out over the camera battery dying just as we pulled into vegas -- tragedy!

so basically the spat broke out at the beginning of the trip when we crossed our first state line into nevada and rogray was asleep at the camera wheel and i lovingly smacked him and loving yelled to ask him "what the hell are you doing?!?! get out the camera!! WE'RE CROSSING A STATE LINE!!!!!!"

so i've tried to chill out about it and he's trying to be more on top of the camera thing so he doesn't see camera harpie explode from my forehead.

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ms. nss said...

i totally agree with the xing of state lines as cause for celebration. i may take issue with your use of violence concerning rogray. to quote alex b "we don't have a relationship where we do this." btb i need a good gyno- any names?