Monday, September 18, 2006

Luck be a lady tonight.

rogray and i have hit the road. right now i am using the wireless at the days inn in hurricane, utah. we left l.a. around 1 p.m yesterday with jk's mix in the cd player. it was official -- we had a car brimming with our belongings and a an argument about the camera brewing (more on that later as long as a HUGE picture post) we realized that we would be driving through vegas around dinner time so we decided to make a stop. . .which is huge because both rogray and i were decidedly against stopping in such a place. but we are so glad we did.

driving into vegas is hilarious. and trying to decide which casino to go to is challenging -- so many choices! so many miniature replicas: venice (canals with gondolas!), paris (the eiffel tower), nyc (the statur of liberty and the chrysler building within feet of each othe!) we opted for the mirage -- home of siegfreid and roy -- because they have an erupting volcano -- which we never saw. after marveling at the free parking we went to play our alotted $5. all i wanted was to play the slots so i did. at one point i was up $5 but ended up with nothing -- i perfected a style of hitting the buttons that i think added some panache to the game. but rob -- he chose video poker and guess what??? he won us $50!!!! FIFTY DOLLARS!!! so what did we do with it? save it? no. spent it on some titties? uh-uh. go to an all you can eat buffet in the neighboring casino? hell YES! it seemed like the most logical and vegas thing to do. we put it all on our plate:pizza, sushi, pasta, salad, crab legs, shrimp. . .none of it was particularly good -- until we got to the dessert bar:freshly made doughnuts, chocolate covered everything, creme brulee, sundaes, brownies, cupckaes. . .it was disgusting. and awesome.

after that we felt like we had played our 3 hours in vegas well -- and now, we are about to hit zion and bryce canyons so i should go. . .more later. . .

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