Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Los Angeles, I'm yours. . .

Well, not completely but in the year that rogray and I have been here we have discovered that there are some major gifts L.A. has for its residents that you can't find anywhere else (or at least not in NYC which is my primary point of comparison). I am going to take the opportunity of my first blog post to be a re-cap of what made our year in SoCal bearable and at times downright lovely.

First off, L.A. brought us the jk.

A friend through miss n. who has upgraded from acquaintance to full on friend – and best L.A. friend for sure. His blog,, features many of our favorite adventures on the west coast and is also what I think this blog might be fashioned after...just without all the O.C. talk.

jk brought us food, food, and more food. Zankou, Fred 62, fried chicken, Yuca's dim-sum, Shanghai dumplings, Langer's and Tecate and wine tasting in Santa Barbara. . .he also introduced us to Griffith Park and a trail-blazing hike which once resulted in he and I climbing down fearing for our life – awesome. And he is to thank for my Hollywood Bowl double hitter: Belle & Sebastian with The Shins one night and Looney Toons with the L.A. Philharmonic the next – hard to beat that.

jk, rogray and I also created Art Jam – which involves various shared art supplies, beer or wine, midnight snacks and ends with collages, tracing projects and me crashing in jk's bed forcing him to his own couch – don't worry – this is coming back to NYC with us.

L.A. brought me my 1991 Mazda mx-6 turbo which we will try out in Brooklyn.

I also discovered, much to my surprise, that nature is not evil but rather lovely in controlled doses – especially if it's in Malibu next to the ocean.

We lived in West Hollywood, mid-Wilshire, Mar Vista (next to Venice), and Hollywood proper. I spent a month in Berkeley working on 9 Parts of Desire and realized that it is magical there and that Chez Panisse is as good as they say.

We saw an Olsen twin, Morrissey, David Cross (in San Fran but still), Diane Keaton and Al Pacino (both at the same Target on different Saturdays) and more that I can't remember at this moment.

Only in L.A. can you be early for your dinner plans and decide to go for a walk on the beach to kill time. Only in L.A. can you say that it’s cold and put on a single sweatshirt to get warm in February.

But, only NYC has Magnolia Bakery Cupcakes and the NY Times Crossword puzzle. And almost all of my nearest and dearest friends. . .New York. . .your lady is coming home.* Just in time for winter. . .

*thanks mo.


Korb said...

hurry up please, it's time.

Koogs said...

does this mean that whenever i say "how are you?" you will say, "read my blog." ?????

Anonymous said...

Ya koogs you said it. She'll never have to call now.
Westcoast represent!

shaygo said...

i will never use my blog to communicate how i am. but i will use your frequnecy of visits to it as a measure for how much you love me.

Gozo said...

I love you!