Thursday, September 14, 2006

This is the last goodbye...

so last night was the last time rogray and i were going to see jk for awhile. we decided for our last night together we would go to the Dresden on Vermont and listen to Marty and Elayne which was on our jk approved “things you have to do in l.a.” list. it was great – mateo was in town for work and he came (and has kindly agreed to fly back with our crazy cat harper) as did rogray’s bestie, the dude.

jk gave Marty and Elayne $3 and requested songs – he surprised us by dedicating them to us – best cover of Stayin’ Alive i have ever heard – Elayne rocks out on the keyboards. Marty kept saying that these songs were for shana and rob – but it sounded like he was saying robin. i filmed movies of jk doing his Owen Wilson & Jack McBrayer impressions which are priceless and which i will post when i figure out how to do stuff like that.

at the end of the night after discussing how awesome the 16-disc volume of mixes jk made for our road trip (20+ hours people – he is as awesome as he says he is) we said our goodbyes. and i cried – i don’t think it hit me until that moment that we wouldn’t be seeing jk again for awhile and it made me very, very sad. As we drove mateo back to his insanely overrated, hipster hotel I kept crying off and on – and had to admit to jk today that I cried myself to sleep last night over him. i know i said it in yesterday’s post but the reason we found things to love about this place is because of this guy. so, i raise my glass to you jk -- we’re gonna miss you the most. . .if i could, i would return the incredible gesture. la la looooooove you!!!!!

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